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Live music here 17th June 2023!

Great news: we are so excited to be welcoming the fabulous and talented

Georgia van Etten who will be here on 17th June in our Tithe Barn, performing live. We have seen her live sets a few times in 2022 - she is a very talented singer songwriter with a very versatile vocal range and style. This will be an exclusive and intimate event, not to be missed.

And you can find links to recordings via google.

Her debut EP ‘Live at the Pool Studio’ had extensive BBC Radio 2 play with Jamie Cullum remarking “This really blew me away when I first heard it” and Blues & Soul Magazine UK declaring “Put simply, this is a damn fine EP”. The EP also sparked attention surrounding van Etten’s unique mouth trumpet impression with a clip going viral on media giant UNILAD SOUND.

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